Wind Talkers (2002) – Trailer Stills & Info

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Wind Talkers (2002) – Trailer Stills & Info


Having earned Hollywood’s respect with blockbusters like Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2, Hong Kong action master John Woo lends his signature style to serious World War II action in Windtalkers. Recognizing the long-forgotten contribution of Navajo “code talkers,” whose use of an unbreakable Navajo-language radio code was instrumental in defeating the Japanese, the film serves as an admirable tribute to those Native American heroes. Unfortunately, it falls short of importance with its standard-issue story about a battle-scarred sergeant (Nicolas Cage) assigned to protect a code-talker (Adam Beach, from Smoke Signals), with unspoken orders to kill him if Japanese capture is imminent. This allows for an involving drama of hard-won friendship, but cardboard supporting characters suffer in the shadow of nonstop action that’s as repetitious as it is technically impressive. Windtalkers is best appreciated as a more substantial vehicle for Woo’s trademark ballet of bullets.



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