Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993) – Trailer Stills & Info

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993) – Trailer Stills & Info


The first Turtles movie was great in the fact that it took on the tone of the comics rather than the TV show (more grim, more adult). The second, after much backlash from parents, went in the total opposite direction and turned it into camp. This installment is a nice ballance of the two.

Granted, the costumes are not up to par with the first two, and the plot is not the most original (nor feasible), but they take a back seat to the jokes. The first two TMNT movies focused more on plot and action with an occassional joke to keep things light. Writer/director Stuart Gillard’s time travel story, while not the strongest, opens the door to many jokes and gags, which is what makes this movie stand out among the others. It’s a nice change of pace, in my opinion.

Kudos to Elias Koteas in this film (he deserves to be the first in the credits). His 15th century counterpart isn’t the best, but he makes up for it when Casey Jones is forced to “babysit” four ancient Japanese warriors in modern-day New York (favorite bit is still the hockey scene).

For those who were more interested in plot, this is not the best place to start in the series, but if you enjoy a good line of jokes and gags, I’d definitely recommend this one!


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