La Bamba (1987) – Trailer Stills & Info

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La Bamba (1987)  – Trailer Stills & Info


Lou Diamond Phillips leaves a haunting impression as the late 1950s pop idol Ritchie Valens, who made the Latino influence in rock & roll conspicuous through his hit songs. Filmmaker Luis Valdez (Zoot Suit) creates a nimble, exciting, and sympathetic portrait of the boy driven to rise above obstacles of race and family legacy, and Esai Morales is equally fine as Ritchie’s envious, searching brother. Great support from Elizabeth Peña and Danielle von Zerneck as Valens’s sister and mother, respectively, and Joe Pantoliano is solid as the singer’s straight-talking manager. Valdez brightens up the third act with a rock & roll show featuring, among others, Brian Setzer as Eddie Cochrane. Marshall Crenshaw turns up as Buddy Holly getting on that plane with Valens, and Los Lobos (who actually performs Valens’s music on the soundtrack) has a nifty cameo as a Tijuana band that gives Valens a piece of crucial inspiration

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