BAD COMPANY (2002) – Trailer Stills & Info

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BAD COMPANY (2002)  – Trailer Stills & Info


Bad Company boasts all the gloss one expects from A-list Hollywood talent, but you get a lot of chaff with the wheat. Pay attention to Anthony Hopkins as a weary CIA veteran, and you’ll see the reliable work of an old pro giving his best in the absence of challenge. That sums up this movie, however: Hopkins and costar Chris Rock are already fighting clich├ęs when Rock is recruited into the CIA after his identical twin brother (they’d been separated at birth) is killed in the line of duty. Rock and Hopkins must carry out a sting against nuclear terrorists, but apart from this coincidental similarity to The Sum of All Fears, director Joel Schumacher seems asleep at the wheel, rotely crafting a thriller without thrills for Pearl Harbor producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Those expecting comedy from Rock will be disappointed; Bad Company reins him in, and that restraint affects the rest of the movie. –Jeff Shannon


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