Antz (1998) – Trailer Stills & Info

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Antz (1998) – Trailer Stills & Info



The latest showpiece for computer animation, with all the contoured, suspiciously gleaming perfection that this entails. In this case, most of the characters are ants-a curious choice, since they all tend to look roughly the same, and it takes a while to sort out the heroes from the villains. Fortunately, help is at hand from the absurdly starry cast of voices; the leading ant, Z, is played by Woody Allen, and his new royal girlfriend by Sharon Stone. (In your dreams, Woody.) Gene Hackman speaks the role of a murderous general, with Christopher Walken as his sidekick; best of all is Sylvester Stallone, cast completely against type as a dim but helpful hunk of brawn. The plot is a swift, if confusing, account of Z’s ascent to a station above that of his millions of fellow-workers; the directors-Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson-seem slightly unsure about what they think of old-fashioned working-class solidarity. With Anne Bancroft, Danny Glover, Jennifer Lopez, and-as a couple of Wasp wasps-Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin. -Anthony Lane


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